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What are the Five Key factors in your Vendors

May 2, 2019

As you plan for your big day, the best way to navigate all the tasks and stress is by creating a wedding timeline that includes all the booking and organizing you have to do. To help you get prepared and on top of your schedule, we have mapped out a wedding planning checklist for booking your wedding vendors. These are the top five that you must have the best of.

The Venue

When you’re choosing your wedding venue, you’re going to want to check out a few places to see what’s out there. Start looking at venues as early as possible so that you can book your favorite one 10-11 months in advance. On popular dates, some venues can be booked over a year in advance so if you have a specific place in mind, don’t plan a save-the-date until you’ve booked your venue in case it is unavailable on the date that you hoped for. Lastly, before handing over the down payment, get all the information you need to make sure the venue is right for the celebration you want.

The Wedding Planner

If you plan on hiring a wedding planner, the sooner you can do so, the better. Similarly to venues, many wedding planners are booked far in advance so if you can, hire yours 11 months before your big day. The latest you should be hiring your wedding planner is 9 months before your wedding date. They will be your lifesaver and best friend through all of the fundamentals of planning!

The Caterer

Shortly after you’ve booked your venue and planner, start seriously considering your wedding caterer. You’re going to want to have this ready 9-10 months before your saved date. Know what to look for when hiring a caterer and read through reviews. It’s also essential to have a tasting before you book your caterer. Your wedding planner may be helpful in pointing out caterers that he/she has successfully worked with in the past.

The Wedding Officiant

Some venues provide you with a rabbi, priest or pastor. If yours does not, or you prefer choosing an officiant yourself, ask friends and family for recommendations. A great officiant can really affect the vibes of your reception, so try to find someone who’s style speaks to you. Hire someone 10 months in advance. If you plan on writing your own wedding vows, talk to your officiant about it ahead of time because some are less accepting of this custom than others.

The Photographer

Your photographer should definitely make the list of vendors to book early. While there are many to choose from, the best get booked far in advance. If you can, hire your photographer 8-9 months before your wedding. When interviewing photographers, find out if you are on the same page about what you want and that both sides are clear about what the other expects so that no problems arise during the process. Make sure to communicate if there is a specific style of wedding photos you are interested in. Furthermore, check out their past work and read through reviews.

The Videographer

How far in advance you should book your videographer is largely dependent on you. Is a wedding video very important to you? Does your photographer also come with a videographer? If you want a great high-quality video, you should book a professional around the same time you hire your photographer. On the other hand, if the video is not a priority for you, you can book your videographer 6 months in advance. When interviewing videographers, be sure you know what questions to ask to find out if they are right for you.

The Band/DJ

The music at your wedding is going to play a big role in getting people out on the dance floor and having the time of their lives. You’re going to want to hire your DJ or band 9 months in advance. Before making any big decisions, listen to their music ahead of time and discuss with them what type of music you want them playing on your big day. While it’s more than okay to hand over a list of songs to play, avoid being the DJ at your own wedding. Discuss with him/her the type of music you prefer, create a (short) list of specific songs and let the professional handle the rest. At the end of the day, if you’re out there rocking to whatever music is playing, your friends and family will be right there beside you!

The Baker

Of course, picking your wedding cake is a fun part of wedding planning. You and your fiancé get to dedicate an afternoon to cake tasting, followed by decoration options. Visit several bakers before deciding which is the right one for you. Once you’ve found the place, book them 6 months before the wedding. Since bakers can generally prepare more than one wedding cake a day, this vendor makes the list of less time-sensitive hiring, but still you don’t want to learn that the cake you fell in love with won’t be available.

The Florist

When it comes to your florist, you should book him/her 6 months before your wedding date. While the availability of florists tends to depend on the time of year, it is better to have this vendor squared away early. Once you’ve found someone and seen his/her work, talk style. If you want a certain style of bouquets or flower crowns, discuss this early.

The Transportation

If you plan on providing wedding transportation, you should book them at least 4 months in advance. You want pleasant transportation and drivers, whether that means a limo, a shuttle bus, or a trolley.

When planning your wedding, the best strategy is to book all of the important vendors as early as possible but without stressing yourself out by taking on all of these tasks simultaneously. Create a wedding timeline that allows you to see what to tackle that month. If it will help, instead of sitting down together or taking things on yourself, split the list with your fiancé. Hiring your vendors early will help you feel more at ease and prepared for your big day, and it will assure you and your spouse-to-be that you get the wedding that you imagined!

You just got engaged!

October 29, 2018

You just got engaged and it was a memory you will have for a lifetime. Everything was perfect, from the car ride, to the destination, to the food choices, right down to the wine that was chosen!

You are thinking just how perfect that night was and how you can keep this flow of perfection going. Many people ask about wedding budgets, planners and everything that goes in with planning a wedding.  Most newly engaged couples do not realize the amount of time that is entailed to planning a Fun Wedding Weekend.

Most people do not think about what happens behind the Day of Wedding scene.  Well let me tell you first hand what happens, as I have seen just about everything that could happen in my 15 years of Event planning career!

Newly engaged couples start Venue shopping, they have a vision of what their dreams are for their day, from a rustic barn, to an all inclusive resort nestled in the mountains of New England, to a warm destination of sun, sand and the ocean.  All of these are great places, you visit the venues and they say, we have a very talented Wedding Department, you both get excited, and ask more questions, the Sales person tells you all the right things. Mean while everything is perfect that day, you have lunch at the venue and are treated like rock stars, you book with them. You sign the contracts and then wonder where you need to start for your planning. You do not hear from them and have so many questions. You call and leave messages and still wonder what you should be doing.  Well this is where a wedding planner steps in!!!  We are you true Wedding Fairy and will act as your liaison to your venues and vendors each and every step of the way.  I have executed over 1200 weddings and I have worked with some very great venues and their teams, however things get missed as they aren't in it like your Wedding Planner is for you!  Your wedding planner will walk beside you every step of the way, from your menu tastings where this is one of the most exciting things to do, we will help you pair your wines, signature drinks (oh ya you didn't think of that) to your cake and what dessert wine would be great with that!  Most people do not realize what the importance of a timeline is, to knowing how many speeches you are going to have and if you should have speeches during your dinner service. Many couples are not aware of how the Back of the House works and what they are doing to prepare your food and the importance it is to have your dinner service to start on time.  People also do not realize how important it is to have someone that knows the ins and outs of the BOH and FOH for a wedding dinner, to make sure you have all of your allergies listed, escort cards, meal spreadsheets, table assignments and if the Culinary team at the venue will be able to handle a last minute allergy.  This all falls on your Wedding Planner, we work for you, so you can enjoy your wedding day with your partner, friends and families.

This is why it is so important to research Wedding Planners and hire one for your day, they will take the stress out of you! Everyone wants that WOW factor and here we can execute that for you!

So to start off you Wedding Planning right, do some research on Wedding Planners and see what they have to offer!